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How to Remove Feces (Poop) Stains From Carpet

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If you have a feces stain in your carpet, the absolute best way to remove it is with an enzyme cleaner. Enzyme cleaning solutions are commonly used by professional carpet cleaners to clean the most difficult messes, like feces, blood, or other bodily fluids.

You don't have to be a professional cleaner to use an enzyme cleaner. In fact, there are some excellent natural enzyme cleaning products that can be purchased online or at your local grocery store. 

Enzymes exist everywhere in the natural environment. They exist in plants and animals. We have them in our digestive systems, and their purpose is to break down organic matter by acting as a catalyst. When enzymes are added to a cleaning solution, they will amplify the cleaning power and will essentially dissolve stains and contaminants before your eyes. If you have never used an enzyme cleaning solution before, prepare to be amazed at how well they work!

I recommend using a natural enzyme cleaner called Biokleen BAC-OUT Stain + Odor Remover. This product is made up of bio-enzymatic contents which contain healthy bacteria and enzymes that work in tandem to decompose organic and biodegradable stains like feces, blood, vomit, and more.


- Step-By-Step Instructions

How to Remove Feces or Poop Stains From Carpet

Enzymes cleaners are also exceptional odor eliminators, and are commonly used to eliminate urine, feces, mold, and odor from decaying bacteria. The primary organic compounds that are responsible for fecal odor are skatole and 3-methylindole. Enzyme cleaners target these odor causing molecules and decompose them, which eliminates the odors they produce. 


The directions to use to use Biokleen Bac-Out are simple:

1) Saturate affected area with Biokleen Bac-Out.

2) Let sit for five minutes or more. 

3) Blot affected area with a rag. 

4) Repeat the process if necessary. Does not need to be rinsed. 

You will need: Biokleen BAC-OUT Stain + Odor Remover, white cotton cloths or a mini wet/dry vacuum (optional).

Remove Feces (Poop) From Carpet (Step-By-Step Guide)


1) Biokleen Bac-Out Stain + Odor Remover (USA, UK, CAN

2) White Cloths (USA, UK, CAN)


3) Mini Wet/Dry Vacuum (USA, UK, CAN)

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 1

Step 1 - Give the Biokleen BAC-OUT a good shake before using (this is very important). A precipitate will form at the bottom of the bottle if it has been left sitting for a long time - This needs to be well mixed before using. 

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 2

Step 2 - Spray the Biokleen BAC-OUT on and around the feces liberally, and allow it to dwell for 5 minutes. The enzymes will rapidly break down the feces making it easy to remove from the carpet. If there are chunks of solid dried feces in the carpet, allow the BAC-OUT to dewll for 20 minutes before moving to the next step. 

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 3

Step 3 - Use a mini wet/dry vacuum to extract the feces and enzyme cleaner from the carpet. If you do not have a wet/dry vacuum, a white cloth can be used to blot and gently remove the feces from the carpet. 

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 4

Step 4 - Repeat setps 2 - 3 as many times as required to fully remove the feces from the carpet. 

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 5

Step 5 (Optional) - As per the BAC-OUT directions, the carpet does not have to be rinsed after using this product. However, If you have a wet/dry vacuum, I recommend giving it a quick rinse with water to remove any cleaning solution residue from of the carpet. Rinsing carpet cleaning products from the carpet after using is good carpet cleaning practice. 


How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 6

Step 6 (Optional) - Spray water around the affected area liberally. Extract the water using a mini wet/dry vacuum.

How to Remove Feces Stains From Carpet - Step 7

Step 7 (Optional) - Allow the carpet to dry within 24 hours. A fan can be used to speed up the drying time if required. 

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