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Stain removal tips for everyone. 

The Stain Guide

Stain removal advice from a professional carpet cleaner, for everyday people. 

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About Me

I'm Jimmy, the stain guide. I'm here to make tackling tough carpet stains a breeze. Dive into the Stain Library for expert tips and solutions for all kinds of spots and stains. Let's conquer those stains together.

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Remove Any Carpet Stain in Two Steps or Less.

Learn a professional carpet cleaners two biggest secrets.

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Happy Visitors

“Worked BEAUTIFULLY! Nothing else on the internet was working and a carpet cleaner quoted me $80 just to come out and try to get it out - no guarantees. Your explanation of the science was super solid so I figured why not give it a shot.... I literally gasped when I took off the UV light - the stain just vanished. Thank you so so much - you saved my security deposit!”


“Thank you so much you got me out of being grounded”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This 100% worked on my dogs throw up and runny stool. For some reason, when I cleaned it up with regular cleaning products, it left a yellow stain (probably bile residue). I followed your directions to the letter and it’s 100% gone!!! Amazing!!!”


“This really works. I tried it for old tea stain on my carpet & just need to be patient and calm and I did exactly as he said. So glad to see the results. It works like a magic , highly recommend.”


“OMG thank you!! Turmeric on light carpet from spilled chicken soup...THIS WORKS PEOPLE! 3 different carpet cleaners said there was a 2% chance to remove it. This cost me 10 bucks!”


“This worked on a coffee stain on a white wool rug. The stain was weeks old. I'm so psyched !! It was a $1200 rug and it looks perfect again. It took three applications of peroxide and amonia, each with about 8-10 hours in between. I could tell after one application that it was going to work.”


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